Blue Eye Trevalla

Blue eye is Tasmania's favourite fish. Caught on the east coast, out of ports in Bicheno and St Helens, blue eye is available consistently to local buyers. Not to be confused with the trevally or warehou family of fish, blue eye is a deep, cold water species which has a more delicate flavour than its cousin, the trevally.

Blue eye is covered by the Australian Government quota system and is harvested ethically and sustainably, meaning you can eat guilt-free knowing that the wild stock is protected for the future.

Particularly good for battering or crumbing, blue eye has a firm flesh and a moist and tender mouth feel. Use it also for grilling and baking. For the adventurous, try sashimi or sushi of blue eye - a local twist on the Japanese classic!

Known As

  • Blue Eye Cod

  • Deep-sea Trevalla


Mainly East Coast of Tasmania around the Continental Shelf, but any temperate waters along Australia's southern coast. Caught mainly using droplines and longlines, meaning the flesh remains bruise-free when compared to other net-caught species.


  • Firm

  • Moist

  • White-fleshed

  • Large bones

  • Delicate flavour

  • Delicious!

Good For

  • Grilling/BBQ

  • Frying

  • Baking

  • Sashimi

  • Steaming and Poaching

  • Crumbing and Battering