We wish we could have all the fish and all the products available all the time for you... 
But sometimes we sell out, sometimes the weather is crazy and we can't fish, and sometimes the seafood you want isn't in season when you want it.
To make your Easter feasting easy, below is a list of the products we know will be stocking for you... but check Facebook for updates on which wild caught fresh fillets will be available.

Remember we still may sell out, so get in early!!



Cooked products

24.90/kg     Whole prawns, large, cooked Bananas (Aus) - Available THAWED as well
39.90/kg     Whole prawns, large, cooked Kings (Aus) - Available THAWED as well
37.90/kg      Prawn cutlets, large, cooked (Imp) - Available THAWED as well
23.90/kg      Cocktail prawns, large, cooked (Imp)
66.00/box   Whole prawns, large, cooked Bananas 3kg box (Aus)
64.90/kg      Moreton bay bugs, cooked (Aus)
99.00/kg    Rock Lobster (crayfish), whole cooked (Tas)
24.90/kg    Blue swimmer crabs, whole, cooked (Aus)
21.90/kg    Sand crabs, whole, cooked (Aus)
4.50/pkt     Sauces - curry, mornay, garlic 500g (Tas)
4.50/pkt    Fish stock 500g (Tas)
6.90/pkt     Seafood Chowder 375g (Tas)
5.90/pkt Kipper fillets, smoked boneless (Imp) 200g  

Raw products

37.90/kg     Whole prawns, large, raw Kings or Tigers (Aus)
54.90/kg     Whole prawns, jumbo, raw Tigers (Aus)
28.90/pkt    Prawn cutlets, large, raw (Aus) 400g
39.90/kg      Prawn cutlets, large, raw (Imp) - Available THAWED as well
37.50/kg      Prawn meat, large, raw (Imp)
24.00/pkt    Flathead fillets, skinned & boned (Tas) 400g
27.90/kg    Whole octopus, medium, tenderised (Tas)
21.90/kg      Squid tubes (Aus)
21.90/kg    Squid rings (Aus)
21.90/kg    Crumbed squid rings (Aus)
21.90/kg    Salt n pepper squid (Imp)
26.90/kg      Marinara mix (includes local and imported products)
23.90/pkt  Scallops 500g packet (Tas) - Available THAWED as well
8.90/pkt    Scallops 1/2 shell, 6 per pack (Tas)
39.90/kg    Sea scallops, roe off (Imp)
21.90/kg    Blue swimmer crabs, whole, raw (Aus)
21.90/kg    Sand crabs, whole, raw (Aus)
59.90/kg      Moreton bay bugs, raw (Aus)
43.90/pkt    Blue swimmer crab meat, raw (Aus) 500g 
31.90/kg    Soft shell crabs (Imp)
17.90/pkt    Whitebait (Aus) 1kg
14.90/kg  Salmon mince (Tas)
19.90/pkt  Sardine fillets (Aus) 500g
11.90/kg    Sardines, whole (Aus)
16.90/kg Mussel meat (Imp)
3.90/pkt  Chips (Tas) 1kg
23.90/pkt Mutton birds, raw, pairs (TAS)


6.50/ea   Curry seafood crepe
6.50/ea   Garlic seafood crepe
13.90/ea  Fishermen's pie, large
6.90/ea   Curried scallop pies
3.90/ea   Salmon patties
2.90/ea   White fish patties

12.90/ea  Salmon bake large
17.50/ea  Quiche, small whole (4 slice) 

7.90/ea   Crayfish & prawn pate 100g
5.90/ea   Salmon pate 100g
5.90/ea   Trout pate 100g
6.50/ea   Peppered trevally and lime dip 150g
0.50/ea Flavoured butters
5.90/ea   Garlic prawns 200g
5.90/ea   Cajun squid 200g
7.90/ea   Salmon parcels
7.90/ea   Salmon in bag, with cream sauce
2.90/ea   Creamy sauces 150ml (white wine & caper, or lemon & parsley)

2.80/ea Cured salmon (orange & brandy or vodka & dill)
5.90/pkt Smoked mussels (sweet chilli, garlic or BBQ)

19.90/kg Smoked cod (Tasmanian)
57.50/kg  Cold smoked salmon, premium
54.90/kg Hot smoked salmon portions     
59.90/kg  Hot smoked trout portions

34.90/ea   Salmon roe, premium, 100g

4.90/ea  Tartare, cocktail, lime aioli or sweet chilli mayonnaise
1.20/ea   Mini sauces
2.90/ea   Premium batter mix
3.50/ea   Tempura batter mix
3.20/ea   Panko bread crumbs
1.80/ea  Bread crumbs
2.80/ea Coating mixes - all flavours
2.80/ea Crumbing mixes - all flavours

Our Salmon Pate


35.90/kg    Atlantic Salmon, boned, skin on (Tas)
36.90/kg    Atlantic Salmon, boned, skin off (Tas)
139.00/kg Rock Lobster (crayfish) cooked (Tas)
135.00/kg Rock Lobster (crayfish) live (Tas)
12.90 pk    Live Mussels - 1kg
21.95/doz    Freshly Shucked Oysters - $11.95 for half doz
3.50/kg    Fish heads

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