The flathead has a head that is triangularly-shaped and dorso-ventrally depressed – meaning they sure are ugly! Luckily, they taste amazing. In fact, so good do they tatse that they have slowly become a gourmet species, in demand from restaurants and fish-and-chipperies across the country. Unfortunately this has pushed the price up for the rest of us. 

For the best ever fish batter, mix equal parts self-raising flour and cornflour in a bowl with cold water or beer if you have it. Then dip your flathead fillet in the batter and drop it straight into a pot of hot oil. Magnificent! 

If you don't like flathead, you don't like life!

Known As

  • Lionfish


Our flathead are always locally sourced. They are found in estuaries and coastal bays including Port Phillip Bay, from Cairns in Queensland to the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria, and Tasmania. They occur over sand, mud, gravel and seagrass and can inhabit es


  • Firm
  • White
  • Large flakes
  • Super tasty

Good For

  • Grilling/BBQ

  • Frying

  • Baking

  • Crumbing and Battering