Kyeema is More Than Just Fresh Seafood...

We have a great range of gourmet products produced right here in the Kyeema Seafoods kitchen every day.

Everything from Patés to Pies, Sauces, Dips, Patties and so much more...

salmon pate.jpg


Specialty Patés

These are all fabulous and can be great with toast or on a biscuit for supper.  Remember – even small serves of seafood are good for you.

We also have a wide range of other pates and dips that change from week to week. Check in store to see what we have this week!



  • Cold smoked salmon pate

  • Hot smoked trout pate

  • Crayfish & prawn pate

  • Peppered trevally & lime dip

scallop pie.jpg



Our Seafood pies are the perfect solution for a quick ready to eat meal. Just add salad and chutney and it's the perfect lunch or dinner in under 15 minutes.



  • Scallop with curry sauce

  • Salmon and Trevalla with white wine sauce

  • Fisherman's Pie



Smoked Mussels

These are delicious on a biscuit or as an addition to a platter or antipasto plate. Choose from a variety of flavours.



  • Sweet Chilli

  • Smokey BBQ

  • Garlic

Crumbed Products


Ready to cook MEALS

We have a selection of products available  like salmon patties, fish patties and  salmon kievs, so you can take it home and bake/grill it yourself.



  • Salmon Patties

  • Fish Patties

  • Crumbed Flathead (when available)

  • Salmon kievs

Stir-Fry Packs



Our marinara mix is excellent for a quick solution to a number of dishes: Risotto, Paella, Pasta, Curry, Fish Pie, Tom Yum, Laksa, Soup, Seafood Basket, Chowder, Stir-fry and many more…



  • White Fish

  • Salmon

  • Prawns

  • Scallops

  • Mussels

  • Squid


Seafood Platters and Cooked Prawns


  • Oysters

  • Cold smoked salmon

  • Cooked prawn cutlets

  • Whole cooked prawns

  • Hot smoked trout/salmon

  • Crayfish (subject to availability)

  • Moreton Bay bugs

  • Salmon pate

  • Trout pate

  • Crayfish and prawn pate

  • Cocktail sauce

  • Sweet chilli and ginger mayonnaise dipping sauce

  • Pickled octopus

  • Smoked mussels (sweet chilli, garlic or BBQ)

We provide a variety of platters and cooked prawn products. Your wish is our command.... Just tell us how much you would like to spend and any specific additions and we can customise a platter to suit your taste. Whatever we sell in store we can add to your platter.

Sauces and Jams

Sauces and Jams

Have you tried our hot sauce? We've been told it lives up to it's name. We make the traditional tartare and seafood cocktail sauces. But why not try something a bit different with your seafood, hot or cold? We make a lime aioli, sweet chilli and ginger dipping sauce, as well as a sweet chilli mayonnaise. All are delicious with cold prawns or a hot serve of battered flathead.  Our plum Worcestershire sauce will add a nice change to your oysters Kilpatrick recipe.


  • Tartare Sauce

  • Seafood Cocktail Sauce

  • F#ckin' Hot Sauce (By Ringburners Incorporated)

  • Plum worcestershire sauce

  • Lime aioli

  • Sweet chilli and ginger mayonnaise

Coating Mixes for Seafood

Coating Mixes for Seafood

Our coating mixes have been tested thoroughly on a range of seafood products. They are all designed to perfectly compliment seafood and give it a nice crunchy texture. You can add a light coating by shaking in a bag with your seafood, or pour them onto a plate and pat thoroughly to achieve a thicker coating. We have a range of options that are Gluten Free as well.


  • Salt 'n pepper coating mix

  • Lemon pepper coating mix

  • Cajun coating mix (GF option)

  • Herb coating mix

  • Breadcrumbs (incl gluten free)

  • Crunchy cornflakes with sesame seeds (GF option)

  • Moroccan crumbing mix

  • Premium batter mix

  • Tempura batter mix

salmon parcel.jpg

salmon parcels

Kyeema has Salmon Parcels in store! They are pre-prepared for you, with a salmon fillet wrapped in foil and filled with garlic butter, capsicum, spring onion and topped with a scrumptious prawn. Pop it in the oven for a quick, easy and delicious meal.





Gorgeous plump salmon fillet drenched in white sauce.
Purchase in an enclosed bag ready to pop in boiling water.

Just 10-12 mins on a gentle simmer and your dinner is ready!


hot smoked trout.jpg


hot smoked trout

Buy gourmet hot smoked trout at Kyeema Seafoods.
Use in a variety of ways.
Add to your platter board, crumble up in a pasta, salad or risotto or eat it on its own - its so yummy!


salmon and potato bake.jpg


salmon and potato bake

If I could only eat one thing forever it would be this dish! Packed with white and sweet potato, it is heartwarming and delicious. Fresh salmon and gooey cheese, it's the best meal ever! Get a takeaway large or single serve and have it for your lunch or dinner.

But save one for me....


smoked salmon.jpg


cold smoked salmon

Everyone's go to for a delicious snack. Enjoy with crackers, on pizza, in pasta, pop it in a tart or on top of a blini for entertaining or eat it with your eggs for breakfast. So many options and it's packed full of protein, b and d vitamins and of course omega -3 fatty acids. 




gourmet salads

We have delicious salads for sale at Kyeema. 

Choose from seafood pasta or creamy potato salad.





This is a big favourite in the shop.  Salmon and cheese blended quiche, sold in slices or as a family size. Great dinner option. 





Our curry seafood crepes are a must to try! 

Pair it up with a salad and oh my geeeee!

Bon Apetit!



  • Seafood Curry

  • Seafood garlic




Hand milked Tasmanian Salmon Caviar.





Fresh from our seafood kitchen, we have a great variety of fresh dips available.



  • Hot Smoked Salmon with semi sun-dried tomato

  • Peppered Trevally and lime