While sharks are scary things while you're in the water with them, when they are seved up in batter they are totally yum! Flake and chips is a Tasmanian classic, up there with curried scallops for the most Tasmanian of Tasmanian foods. 

Gummy is a species of bottom feeding shark that lives in shallow to medium depths. It gives a a fine white fillet with a distinctive red bloodline on the back. When treated properly, the fillets should smell clean and fresh and never like amonia, as mistreated fish can sometimes smell. It is naturally boneless, which means it's great for kids.

Known As

  • Gummy flake

  • Flake


Our flake is always caught locally, off the east and north east coasts. However, gummy also found in the waters around southern Australia, from Shark Bay in Western Australia to Port Stephens in New South Wales to a depth of 350m.



  • Soft flesh
  • Succulent
  • Moist
  • Delicate flavour
  • Great for battering

Good For

  • Grilling/BBQ

  • Frying

  • Crumbing and Battering