King Prawns

King prawns are caught in the wild, cooked onboard the fishing vessel, and snap frozen to maintain the maximum possible freshness. This means they are available all year round, although the season does have a peak between February and June. 

Prawns are sized according to the number of prawns per pound. So, somewhat counter-intuitively, the smaller the number, the larger the prawn. 10/15 size is the most common and the most affordable. We also stock U10 (less than 10 to the pound) and U8 (less than eight to the pound). Large sizes like these are excellent for the barbecue! 

Vessels work under fishing regulations set by both Federal and State governments, ensuring that the Queensland East Coast Trawl Fishery maintains its accreditation under federal legislation as being ecologically sustainable.

Known As

  • Western King Prawn
  • Eastern King Prawn
  • Redspot King Prawn


Found offshore to depths of over 220m, with juveniles preferring estuaries or shallow coastal waters. Western King Prawns have the widest distribution, found around the northern Australian coastline. Eastern are found from Bass Strait to Rockhampton.


  • Very firm

  • Succulent

  • Robust flavour

Good For

  • Grilling/BBQ

  • Frying

  • Crumbing and Battering

  • Stir-Fry/Pasta

  • Boiling