Rock Lobster (Crayfish)

Crayfish, crayfish, crayfish… Everyone loves Crays. It's undeniable. They are the staple of Tasmanian Christmas lunch and dinner, and a feature of barbeques all summer long. We only stock locally caught, East and West Coast Crays. 

To ensure the best possible eating experience, Kyeema keeps its Crays alive in holding tanks until they are ready to be cooked. We are the only fishmonger in Tasmania able to keep crays in this manner. Choose from a fresh cooked or live Cray when you purchase from Kyeema.

Cray season is closed for six weeks each year from the end of September.

Known As

  • Crayfish

  • Lobster

  • Southern Rock Lobster 

  • Eastern Rock Lobster


Caught on all coasts of Tasmania, in a depth of approximately 160m.


  • Very firm flesh when cooked 

  • White

  • Succulent

  • Leg meat is sweeter than tail

Good For

  • Grilling/BBQ

  • Baking

  • Sashimi

  • Steaming and Poaching

  • Stir-Fry/Pasta

  • Boiling