When creating a marinade for seafood keep in mind that a good marinade should include an acid ingredient (wine, citrus juice, yogurt, vinegar, spirits), a fatty ingredient (oil, butter, coconut milk) and flavourings (spices, herbs, fruit, garlic, mustard).



A “cutlet” is the tooth-shaped cross-section of any fish and still has skin and bones. The most common is Salmon cutlets but many other fish can be made into cutlets. Just ask us if you’d like to try something different!



Dry and stringy are not characteristics of seafood but signs of over-cooking. It should be removed from the heat as soon as it is ‘just done’ – the internal heat will finish the cooking process.



For a main course serve any type of fish fillet, squid, scallops or prawn cutlets we recommend 200g per adult.


Try Steaming

Steaming is one of the most health-conscious cooking methods possible, as you do not need to add fat to the cooking process. Moisture from the steam also helps to maintain the succulence of the fish.


Crayfish Fact 1

Crayfish can crawl forward at a very slow and awkward pace but can swim backwards extremely fast to get away from predators. Their spines point forwards to make them more streamlined for swimming and harder to grab by predators.


Crayfish Fact 2

Female crayfish have flaps under their tails where they lay their eggs and a claw on their back leg for turning and caring for the eggs. The female season is closed from May to November.